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Full moon Febr. 27th Chotrul Duchen (Tib.)
Celebrated anniversary of the Buddha’s Manifestation of Miracles,
taking place 15 days in order to silence his critics.
Merit multiples 100 million times.

15th of February -14th of March
S.H. Karmapa: „Life of Mikyo Dorje" (8th. Karmapa)

Assoziated groups:

- Hamburg
Düsseldorf - München

Purpose and objectives of our association:

  • Preservation and advancement of the education and continuing education in the Buddhist humanities, especially the Tibetan Buddhist tradition
  • Study of Buddhist philosophy
  • Development of meditation
  • Translation, publication and archiving of Buddhist texts and educational material of Asian literal languages
  • Preservation and encouragement in Buddhist Ethics, Depth psychology and medical science, Deep ecology and Business ethics, Art
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Links & Network:


  • Compilation of study material
  • Support of nunneries
  • More...
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